‘Sociocracy – An Introduction’

Sociocracy is a better functioning, more respectful way to work together with other people. I made a video that tries to explain the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of it. It is not a training video. It is not the ‘how,’ for how to practice Sociocracy. It is an introduction so you can see what Sociocracy is, be a little familiar with the principles, and see how it transforms the people who use it.

I just finished the final version! It’s 29 minutes and 3 seconds long and has menus and subtitles in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, and German, so now if you’re hearing impaired, or, if English isn’t your native language, you can still understand the video.

Watch the trailer…

Alert: The trailer says the video is 40 minutes long, but it is 29:03 – just under a half-hour long.

I’m selling the DVDs for $14.95. Please contact me at teddidread at yahoo dot com if you are interested in getting one. Let me know if you do PayPal. That’s an easy way to pay.

Cette vidéo d’une demi-heure est sous-titrée en français, donc si vous ne parlez pas anglais, vous pouvez toujours comprendre la vidéo. Je vends les DVDs pour $14,95. Veuillez me contacter à teddidread at yahoo dot com si vous voudriez en acheter une. Faites-moi savoir si vous faites PayPal. C’est un moyen facile de payer. Merci !

Deze 30 minuten lange video heeft Nederlandse ondertiteling, dus als Engels niet uw moedertaal is, kunt u de video toch begrijpen. De DVD’s zijn te koop voor $14.95. Neem contact met mij op via teddidread at yahoo dot com als je geinterresseerd bent in het kopen van een dvd. Paypal is een gemakkelijke manier om te betalen dus laat me weten of paypal een optie is. Bedankt!

Der halbstuendige Videofilm hat deutsche Untertitel, so dass, wenn Englisch nicht Ihre Muttersprache ist, Sie ihn trotzdem verstehen können. Ich verkaufe die DVDs für $ 14,95. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich unter teddidread bei yahoo dot com, wenn Sie daran interessiert sind. Lassen Sie mich wissen, ob sie PayPal benutzen. Das ist eine einfache Möglichkeit zu zahlen. Danke!

Este video de media hora tiene subtítulos en español, así que si usted no habla inglés todavía se puede entender el video. Estoy vendiendo los DVD por $ 14.95. Póngase en contacto conmigo a teddidread a yahoo punto com si usted está interesado en conseguir uno. Déjame saber si usted puede usar PayPal para pagar. Con PayPal es mas fácil para pagar. ¡Gracias!

In the late 1960s Gerard Endenburg, a Dutch engineer, was running an electronics firm with 165 employees. He wanted to run the company humanely, while maintaining and even improving efficiency and competitiveness in the marketplace.

He was successful because forty years later, there are hundreds of companies, non-profit organizations, schools, intentional communities, police departments, hospitals, and other organizations around the world that have used or currently use the methods and principles Endenburg developed.

Sociocracy is also known as Dynamic Self-Governance (DSG), and Dynamic Governance (DG).

Find out more about DG.

I was commissioned and paid by Sheella Mierson and The Sociocracy Consulting Group to make some videos that would help consultants explain DG to potential clients. The idea was to make short videos – under 5 minutes – with these target groups: businesses, healthcare organizations, and schools. We’re trying to get more footage for the schools video, but I’ve completed the business and healthcare ones.

I also posted longer-than-five minute versions for potential clients with longer attention spans. We were thinking people could embed the shorter versions on their websites for people surfing, and, if a consultant was physically with the client, they could show them the longer versions. Find them here.

If your organization uses sociocracy or DG in any way, shape, or form, please contact me at teddidread [at] yahoo [dot] com! I would love to hear from you.

I stayed at a nice B&B in Amsterdam called Bloembed (flower bed). Chris Bolczek, at B&B Bloembed, gave me a generous donation of €247.50 EUR! Thanks Chris!! I appreciate it greatly!